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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Magic Oil

Elena’s mouth went wide as she realized what happened. In shock she asked, “How did you do this?

”Simply enough,” Greg answered, “When I gave you that free massage, I used this magic oil. Every part of you that I rubbed with it was swapped with me.”

“You need to swap us back!”

“Sorry, honey, it doesn’t work like that.”

“But we’re both freaks!”

“And that’s why you have two choices. You can either allow us to stay as freaks, or you can rub this oil on your face. We’ll swap heads. You’ll completely lose the last part of your body, sure, but you’ll end up looking like me, a completely normal guy.” “But I don’t want to be a guy!”

“I’m afraid on that you have no choice. You’re already a guy where it count, after all. So do you want to be a normal guy or a weird guy with a woman’s head?”

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