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Friday, January 6, 2017

Never Imagined (Part 2)

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It was a little bit of a shock for Brittany some time later when she ran into Ed some time later. She just couldn’t believe he could or would make her body look ... like ... THAT. She was almost at a loss for words when she walked up to him, before she finally burst out asked for an explanation about what he did to her body.

Ed just twirled his hair as he chewed on some gum, “I just brought out your natural beauty. I didn’t expect it either, but it all just sort of happened.”

Brittany wanted to react with anger -- especially when he mentioned “natural beauty” while looking down at what she obviously knew were implants -- but she held back. She knew there was nothing she could do. No one was going to reverse the Great Shift, and all the laws that ended up being passed post-Shift meant that Ed was the rightful owner of her body now. She knew there was no point in getting angry. It wouldn’t accomplish anything. So instead, she just nodded, hoping that she would never run into her old body ever again.

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