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Friday, January 13, 2017

Purse (Part 1)

After unexpectedly swapping bodies, searching for any sort of  identification seemed like the most logical reaction. Kyle first tried to check his pockets, but it didn’t take him long at all to realize that he now had no pockets. This meant something a little more shocking than finding himself in another person’s body; he had just found himself in the body of a woman on top of that. Still, he was doing his best to keep a level head as he followed the strap on his shoulder down to a purse by his side. He couldn’t believe the amount of crap that fit inside such a small bag, or why anyone would need all this stuff. He was used to only keeping keys, a wallet, and a phone with him. Now he had all that in here plus tissues, makeup, tampons, and a few things he couldn’t identify. He assumed this woman’s ID would be in her wallet; it turned out to just be kept in a pocket on the side. It only took him thirty minutes to find it hiding in there. He really didn’t understand purses, but he realized he would probably have to get used to one as he began to head toward the address printed on her identification.

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