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Friday, January 20, 2017

Long Story (Part 3)

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“Once I ended up in her body, I realized I sort of missing driving a cab. Plus, it was a job I could do without worrying if my skills matched up with this woman’s experience.”

Abraham was enchanted by the woman’s story. It seemed like such a tall tale, but she told it with such conviction that he actually sort of believed her. And before he even realized it, they were at the airport. He got out and the woman leaned out and rested her elbows on the window.

She called out to him, “You’re lucky I gave you a lift instead of the magic taxi. You look like you could be a prime target, so be careful if you ever come back to visit...”

The last part sent some chills down Abraham’s spine. If she had made it all up, why did that warning feel so ominous?

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