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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Never Imagined

Ed was really quite proud of himself. When he had first swapped with Brittany after the Great Shift, he was disappointed. She had been such a tomboy, but Ed had always held onto the belief that women should be, well, feminine. He wasn’t comfortable with the idea at first, but he kept telling himself that this was the way things were meant to be. It started out fairly simple, by wearing more skirts and dresses and adding a bit more pink to her wardrobe. It spiraled out of control quickly from there. He ditched any clothing that wasn’t pick, he never left the house without a thick coat of makeup, he wore corsets that eventually had a lasting impact on his figure, he always wore high heels, and he even got breast implants. After a year, his body was barely recognizable as the same Brittany he had swapped with during the Shift. And his previous personality from before the Shift was even less recognizable. After all, if he looked the part, he had to act the part as well, didn’t he? He flirted, he giggled; he was feminine. He never imagined he’d be doing any of this things in his lifetime; then again, he never imagined he’d be swapping with a woman at all to begin with.

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