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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Long Story (Part 2)

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“It all happened about a year ago now.” The woman behind the wheel said, “I was taking a cab from my hotel to the airport, just like you. The driver I had was surly, mostly grunted instead of spoke. I didn’t think much of it; I had plenty of drivers like that before. The driver drops me off at the airport, tells me to have a nice day, and the next thing I know I’m behind the wheel in the driver’s body. It was total Twilight Zone.”

“I couldn’t imagine that body being surly.” Abraham interjected.

“You didn’t let me finish. The driver of that cab was a dude. Actually, I was as well. Turns out he had this weird journal. Various people had swapped into that body over the years and left notes. Apparently, the cab was cursed. Now that I was in the body of the driver, I was too. I’d eventually swap with someone, even if I didn’t want to; the cab would make sure it happened. In fact, when I drove this young woman to the mall, I didn’t even think of her as a target. The magic words ‘Have a nice day’ just slipped out when I dropped her off, and BOOM! I was in her body and she was now the driver, forced to continue the chain and steal someone else’s body down the line.”

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