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Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Game

Mick had waved goodbye to his girlfriend before heading out to see the ball game with his buds. They had great seats, and things got even better when some hot women sat down beside them. Mick knew he had a girlfriend, but he couldn’t help but flirt with these women. He was getting a little too close with one of them when...

The next thing Mick knew, he was far from the stadium. He looked down. The skimpy outfit looked familiar, as did the jewelry, but that didn’t seem even remotely possible. Was he now inside the body of his own girlfriend? He began to panic a little. Was she inside of his body? It seemed like such poor timing. If she had become him, she was going to kill him for flirting with that woman at the game. This was making him more nervous than the fact that he was now a woman himself.

He tried calming himself down. Maybe she swapped bodies too, but maybe she swapped with someone else, a third party! In fact, Mick’s hope was more than likely, it was the truth. He wasn’t the only one who had swapped with someone. Most of the world had swapped with someone else thanks to the effects of The Great Shift.

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