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Thursday, January 26, 2017

So Much for Second Chances

Cliff had been driving the magic taxi for two weeks now, stuck inside the cabbie’s body. He was holding out as he looked for the perfect body. He was trying for a rich Wall Street banker type, being physically fit would certainly be a plus as well. Getting a call from dispatch about a fare from the financial district to a nearby gym seemed like a good fit, but he was a little disappointed when a woman got into his cab.

It was purely by accident that he muttered the words, “Have a nice day, Ma’am,” as he dropped her off. He was shocked when he found himself in her body. He knew what he had done, but he certainly hadn’t intended to do it! He couldn’t stop himself as he reached into her gym bag to pull out her wallet. He paid the fare, then gave the driver a $50 tip. That’s when Cliff was able to have some control of his actions.

“If you want another $50 tip, come pick me up here in a half hour,” He told the woman now inside the body of the driver. She just nodded. He knew she couldn’t speak up in protest about swapping bodies with him, but maybe, just maybe, she’d come back in a half hour and be able to get her body back.

In the meantime, Cliff decided to spend the half hour trying to act as normally as possible...Well, at least as normal as he could gather. He didn’t know much about this woman, but at least he remembered to go into the correct changing room for his new gender. After an intense twenty minute workout, he went outside and waited. He didn’t want to be late in case the magic taxi returned early. He waited for nearly an hour before it, in fact, did.

He sat down inside and asked, “Could you give me a ride home? I think you know where it is.”

When Cliff got out, he expected to hear the magic words, “Have a nice day,” but instead the driver just sat there smiling with his hand out. Cliff gave the driver another $50 tip, but was in shock that the woman seemed to have no interest in swapping back. It was probably about the closest anyone had ever gotten to having a second chance with the magic taxi, but it didn’t come to fruition. Cliff was still stuck in the woman’s body as the cab drove away.

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  1. clver twist,
    bye the way are you not goin tto domore of the Boss series? I was hoping for more