Saturday, January 28, 2017


Rick stared at the mannequins in the store window display. One was clothed in a black skirt, thigh high socks, a white sweatshirt, and a cute, black hat. Rick wondered what she would look like as an actual human instead of an inanimate object. He was sure she’d be cute. As his gaze continued, he felt a tingle. He felt his body stiffen for a moment, then a loosening. The mannequin had changed. It was now a male one, wearing the clothes he had just had on a moment ago. He looked down a bit surprised. The sweatshirt, the skirt, and the thigh high socks were there. He could feel the hat on his head. Thankfully, he was still fully human. Those in the store looked on in shock. From there perspective, they had just seen a mannequin turn into a real, live woman and a male onlooker do the reverse. Rick wasn’t quite sure what to even tell them. This wasn’t quite what he had imagined when he fantasized while looking through the window, but he really couldn’t complain.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Let's Do It

“And how does this make you feel, Mr. Smith?” Doctor Weinberg asked.

“Uncomfortable.” James Smith replied.


“You’ve somehow transformed yourself into a copy of my ex-wife to conduct this session. That’s weird!”

“Why do you feel that’s weird?”

“Because you’re a guy! You’re a guy with my wife’s body! How did you even transform yourself?” “I didn’t transform myself. You’re ex-wife and I mutually agreed to swap bodies. I know you blame yourself for the divorce, Mr. Smith, I know you do. But you really shouldn’t. Your wife was simply unhappy as a woman, as a wife. She tried hard to fit her gender, but once science discovered a way for two people to swap bodies, she knew she wanted to be a man. You know I’ve been seeing her as well. I offered her my body to help her therapy. It was the least I could do.”

“So now you’re a chick? And you’re okay with that?”

“I do what I can for my clients. I did what I had to do to help her; I will do what I have to do help you as well. And speaking of which, I have seen your hostility toward gender fluidity, and I know how much you miss your ex-wife. I have an offer, if you wish. We can go down to the body swapping clinic right now. You can have your ex-wife’s body, and I will have yours. You might find your hostility toward those that are gender fluid quite lowered. Plus, you will be reunited with your wife in a way.”

James was silent for a few minutes before answering with a mumble, “Okay. Let’s do it.”

Thursday, January 26, 2017

So Much for Second Chances

Cliff had been driving the magic taxi for two weeks now, stuck inside the cabbie’s body. He was holding out as he looked for the perfect body. He was trying for a rich Wall Street banker type, being physically fit would certainly be a plus as well. Getting a call from dispatch about a fare from the financial district to a nearby gym seemed like a good fit, but he was a little disappointed when a woman got into his cab.

It was purely by accident that he muttered the words, “Have a nice day, Ma’am,” as he dropped her off. He was shocked when he found himself in her body. He knew what he had done, but he certainly hadn’t intended to do it! He couldn’t stop himself as he reached into her gym bag to pull out her wallet. He paid the fare, then gave the driver a $50 tip. That’s when Cliff was able to have some control of his actions.

“If you want another $50 tip, come pick me up here in a half hour,” He told the woman now inside the body of the driver. She just nodded. He knew she couldn’t speak up in protest about swapping bodies with him, but maybe, just maybe, she’d come back in a half hour and be able to get her body back.

In the meantime, Cliff decided to spend the half hour trying to act as normally as possible...Well, at least as normal as he could gather. He didn’t know much about this woman, but at least he remembered to go into the correct changing room for his new gender. After an intense twenty minute workout, he went outside and waited. He didn’t want to be late in case the magic taxi returned early. He waited for nearly an hour before it, in fact, did.

He sat down inside and asked, “Could you give me a ride home? I think you know where it is.”

When Cliff got out, he expected to hear the magic words, “Have a nice day,” but instead the driver just sat there smiling with his hand out. Cliff gave the driver another $50 tip, but was in shock that the woman seemed to have no interest in swapping back. It was probably about the closest anyone had ever gotten to having a second chance with the magic taxi, but it didn’t come to fruition. Cliff was still stuck in the woman’s body as the cab drove away.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


After forty years at the law firm, Julian didn’t meet with many clients anymore. Mostly, he acted as a mentor to the junior partners. He’d show up twice a week, sit in his office, and just wait for one of them to come to him with any problems they had. He remembered coming back from lunch to hear a client shouting at the top of her lungs about how her case had gone. Julian listened from just outside the door. She was in with Nicholas, one of the best lawyers he had. He wanted to hear how he would talk her down. But instead a flash of light seem to knock Julian out, and then there was silence.

Julian was a little surprised to find himself in the conference room at the next instant with the client and Nicholas. Or just Nicholas; the client was nowhere to be found. Then he looked down at his hands. The skin was dark with long acrylic nails. He had swapped into the client’s body! In fact, the entire firm had all been swapped...lawyers, clients, assistants, paralegals, and so on.

Julian made an executive decision to shut down for the day as people read articles on the internet about how widespread the body swapping was. Julian was the last to leave. As he took the elevator down, he noticed his reflection. He couldn’t believe he was an African American woman, significantly younger than he had been. But what he noticed most was her butt. He couldn’t believe how large and round it was; he couldn’t believe he was going to be the one walking around with this thing for the foreseeable future. He pulled out his phone and snapped a picture of his reflection in disbelief.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Boss (Part 3)

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The next morning, Matt did his best to keep up appearances. He put on another skirt suit and headed into the office. He arrived early and sat at his boss’s desk. He tried his best to manage a smile, despite feeling quite miserable inside.

Finally, a tech arrived with some unfortunate news about the status of the device. Matt’s forced smile turned into a frown as he heard the news. The estimated repair time was between six to twelve months. He couldn’t believe he was going to stuck in this body for at least half a year. The next step was going to be meeting once again with his boss to discuss just how they were going to cope for that amount of time.

Monday, January 23, 2017

The Boss (Part 2)

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Matt couldn’t believe that he was going to be stuck in the body of his boss for a little while. He hoped it would only be for a few hours, but the day ended without the device being fixed, so he now hoped they’d be able to swap back tomorrow. He hated that he had to pretend to be her also. It meant he had to act stuffy, stuck up, and feminine. But, on the plus side, it also meant he got to spend the night inside his boss’s huge house in the suburbs.

The first thing he wanted to do was change into something more comfortable than her skirt suit. It took him forever to find a closet. While Matt first considered a t-shirt and sweats, an odd find in the back her closet changed his mind.

He couldn’t believe his boss even owned anything like this! After putting on the strange outfit and completing the look with some makeup, he stared at himself in the mirror for a good half hour before sitting on the couch. There was clearly a side to his boss that he didn’t know. He wasn’t sure he would ever ask her about it; heck, he wasn’t even sure he wanted to think any more about it.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Boss (Part 1)

Matt sat at his boss’s desk and listened as she explained what had happened. She spoke about a secret government contract, some boring technical stuff, and then the kicker. He had swapped bodies with her thanks to this weird gizmo, and now she was asking him to pretend to be her until they were able to fix it.

He looked at her with skepticism. How was he supposed to pull this off? He didn’t know much about what she did day to day. Further, he had no idea how he was going to cope with being a woman who was about ten years older than he was. Of course, until that device was fixed, he probably didn’t have much of a choice. He reluctantly agreed to let her talk through how he should act in the interim.