Saturday, July 20, 2019


“Michael!” Jane screamed at her boyfriend, “What are you doing?”

Michael couldn’t even imagine what he was doing wrong. Though it seemed that every since the Great Shift swapped him into Jane’s body, just about anything he did was wrong. He shrugged in response; he was at a loss.

“Chips will go straight to my thighs! Or your thighs! Stop eating those this instance of you won’t be able to fit into any of my clothes!”

Michael often snacked without thinking about it. It was true that he had gone into the kitchen to grab a bag to snack on. He made a mental note to add snacking onto the long list of things he should no longer do. Being in Jane’s body really wasn’t any fun at all.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Thug Style

Tyler had taken Swap Class because he needed he credits to graduate, and he had heard it was an easy A. Only a week into the class, and Tyler thought this A was going to be anything but easy. In part, this was because of who he ended up swapping with. Tyler liked to consider himself a self-proclaimed “thug,” a badass underachiever. Yet he ended up swapping with some nerdy Asian chick. He tried using contacts to replace her glasses and wearing his own clothes - even if they were pretty baggy on his now just over 5 foot frame. He even tried makeup, which his sister described as “ghetto fabulous.” He still assumed everyone was going to laugh at him; none of this was good for his thug image. He pondered shaving his head -- at the very least it would get rid of the annoying long hair he now had. He sighed. At this point, he couldn’t even drop out of school or at least drop the class, as if he did that, he’d never be able to get his body back!

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Behind the Wheel

Enrico was in a state of shock when he suddenly went from being behind the wheel to instead being in the passenger seat. There was nothing he could do as the car drifted off to the side and plowed into various signs and other things on the roadside. Luckily, it did slow down and the person behind the wheel bolted. Enrico could only sit there shocked, soon realizing in that the car he was in was not his own before then realizing the body he was in was not his own either. He opened the door slowly and put his now dainty feet encased in high heels on the ground. His body felt so strange and his nerves were still shaken from the accident. Over time, he’d learn about the Great Shift that happened on that day. He wasn’t the only one with a wild experience, and he also wasn’t the only one to get such a dramatically different body either!

Wednesday, July 17, 2019


Ellen couldn’t help but laugh as he husband Steve leaned over the phone, waiting for a call from customer support. The two had purchased nanobots and had expected the small machines to transform their bodies into each other’s dream lover. Instead, they transformed into their own dream. Steve was horrified as the transformation, but Ellen certainly saw the humor in it. The first question she asked Steve was if he had a thing for Asian women that he hadn’t told her about. He brushed it off as just being curious and after five years of marriage, he just wanted to experiment with someone as different as he could imagine (without cheating, of course). Ellen suggested if he really wanted different, they could make love with their now gender swapped bodies. He retorted that he wanted different, but not THAT different. So they filled out the online form from the nanobot manufacturer and awaited a call. Then the bad news came. There was no rushing the program. Whatever requirements they set up to end the transformation would have to be met. And Steve remembered he requirement to end the transformation program, and he realized that he was going to have to now do exactly what Ellen had suggested...

Tuesday, July 16, 2019


A few days ago, Brendon discovered he had the power to swap bodies. Unfortunately, this happened because he randomly started swapping bodies with people until he was able to calm down and focus. With a bit more focus, he realized he was able to return to his own body. After a bit of testing and experimentation, he thought he had it under control. As such, his life had started to get back to normal. However, he must’ve slipped up, as he soon found himself swapping into the body of a woman wearing a short blue dress and white heels. He tried to focus in order to get back to his own body, but it just wasn’t working. Maybe he was just distracted. He looked down, noting that he hadn’t really ever swapped with a woman before -- at least not for very long -- and no swaps with women had been part of his experimenting. Maybe he couldn’t properly focus because he wasn’t used to it. Maybe he just needed a bit of time like this. He was sure he still had his power, and he was convinced he wasn’t stuck like this. But it was still a slight concern in the back of his mind.

Monday, July 15, 2019


Peter imagined he’d be spending a lot of time adjusting to the body he ended up with as a result of the Great Shift. It had happened a few hours ago, and many people around him grabbed their hair or ran their hands up their body. But Peter kept running his tongue along his teeth. They were just so much different. They were straighter and he now lacked the chip on his front tooth. He couldn’t believe how focused he was on the small minor details of his teeth when there were a lot of much bigger details he could focus on -- namely the fact that he was now a woman! He supposed he would get to all of it eventually, but considering he hadn’t yet moved on from his teeth, he imagined it would be a while.

Sunday, July 14, 2019


It had been a few months since the Great Shift. People were mostly used to their new bodies and things were getting back to normal. But, of course, a worldwide body swapping event was likely to have consequences far into the future. Luke, for instance, was still curious about what had happened to his original body. He had been vacationing Asia at the the time of the Shift, yet he ended up in a body back in the States -- although it did happen to the body of an Asian woman. He was convinced his body had to be back there still. Visiting Asia was a little different this time around. Unlike his previous visit, this time people often assumed he was a native and that he spoke the language. Despite it all, he didn’t end up having any luck finding his body. Of course, he realized there were all sorts of possibilities. Something could’ve happened at the time of the swap or in the months following. It was hard to consider, but he had to accept that it was at least possible that his body was gone.