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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Research (Part 1)

Arthur needed to figure out what went wrong, so he the first thing he did was go to the library to get some books. Well, maybe not the first thing. The first thing that happened was he got yelled at by Zoe. It wasn’t his intention to swap bodies with her; she just happened to be nearby. The device he made was simply supposed to enhance his body by giving him bigger muscles or a more handsome face. As an unattractive nerd, these were the sorts of things Arthur hoped his invention would do to him. It seemed that instead of picking a subject of Arthur’s choosing, it picked one at random; instead of merely copying parts onto him, it also copied his parts onto the other target, and instead having copied parts onto him, it also copied his parts onto the other target. There wasn’t much he could say to calm her down or tell her how it worked. But he did tell her he was sure he could fix it; he just needed to do a bit more research to make sure things worked and avoid additional problems.

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