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Monday, January 22, 2024

At the Shop (Part 1)

After the world went blurry for a few moments, the first thing Theo noticed was a sharp pain in his fingers. He seemed he had stabbed himself with a sewing needle he had been holding. The pain was enough that he didn’t notice how his entire body had changed. Something he would be distracted from noticing again by a piercing scream not far away.

As he went to investigate, he noticed the fancy dresses around him. Was he in some sort of a store? He felt an ache in his side and paused a moment, which happened to be right in front of a mirror. He was shocked to see the reflection of a middle aged Asian woman instead of his own body. This didn’t make sense; this didn’t make sense at all! People just didn’t randomly become someone else!

Then he heard the scream again. He reconsidered. Maybe people DID randomly swap bodies, and maybe he wasn’t the only one!

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