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Monday, January 29, 2024

Rainbow Mist

Ben couldn’t explain how he knew it, but it felt like there was magic in the air of the gay club that night. The magic was loud, the dance floor was hot, and everything just seemed perfect. As he stepped to the side for a quick breather, he noticed a strange rainbow fog fill begin to fill the air. At first, he thought it was an effect from the club, but no, this was something different.

Then as the mist began to overtake people, he noticed some changing. For some, the change was slight, maybe they became a little taller or a little more fit. He noticed several of his more confident friends didn’t change at all; they were perfectly happy being just the way they were -- gay and proud. Then there was others who seemed to change genders right before his eyes.

Ben realized he couldn’t pass up this opportunity as he darted for the mist. Transforming was a much more pleasant experience than he anticipated, as the mist swirled around him, turning him into a beautiful woman in a rainbow dress. A few of his friends stared.

“I know I never told any of you,” He said, “I thought I was just gay. But then I saw what we all just saw, and I realized...I was trans. I could’t pass up the opportunity...”

His friends simply nodded as the loud music resumed and everyone continued to dance.

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