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Sunday, January 21, 2024


Rachel and Doug had been friends since they were kids. Even as they grew older and moved far from each other, they stayed in touch -- regularly talking on the phone. Though as they got older, the phone calls stopped, replaced by emails. It was a while before Rachel revealed why, her boyfriend hated when she talked with other guys. It only got worse from there. As time passed, Rachel’s boyfriend went from controlling to abusive. She often asked for help from Doug to escape from the relationship, yet any attempts proved unsuccessful.

Doug finally asked if he could try using magic to help her. He wasn’t sure if it would work, because he had never really attempted any spell casting before. Rachel LOLed in an email response, saying magic wasn’t real, but she’d try anything at this point. And so he cast the spell, crossing his fingers that his plan might actually work.

Sure enough, the next morning he woke up in Rachel’s apartment and in her body with her abusive boyfriend snoring beside him. He was more than surprised that Rachel’s body was pregnant; this was something she hadn’t mentioned in the emails! He decided this didn’t change the plan at all as he quickly got dressed and went to the bus station. It’d be a long, uncomfortable journey in Rachel’s pregnant body for him to meet up with his own body, but he knew he had the will to make a break from Rachel’s boyfriend in a way that she just couldn’t seem to do on her own. Any unpleasantness was worth it.

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