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Saturday, January 13, 2024


“Who was she?” Lawrence asked looking down at the frozen woman in the glass box.

“No idea,” The man working at the Cryogenic Center replied, “People have been frozen here for years. We’ve lost a lot of records. We’ve had a lot of screw ups. This one, for instance. She’s one of the one whose brain just sort of melted inside the body. But, you know, its one of the ways we’ve pivoted as a business. We can sell the bodies to people like you.”

“You mean the sick and dying?” Lawrence sighed as he took another pill from the jar in his pocket.

The man laughed, “I mean the rich. Most of the people who come here ain’t like you. They ain’t coughing and wheezing or popping pills. Well, they may be popping pills but not to stay alive. Sometimes they buy, sure. But often times, they rent the bodies for a while, just to do stuff without consequences. Though a lot of times, what they do with the rented bodies -- let’s just say they don’t get their deposits back.”

Lawrence looked down at the woman again, “She deserves better than that.” There was a long pause before he added, “So, yeah, I’ll be her.”

“In that case, you go get ready in that room over there, and I’ll prep her up. The doctor will be in shortly to operate the equipment to transfer your brain into her body. Just a fair warning, the skin might stay blue for a few hours while you fully thaw.”

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