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Thursday, January 11, 2024

The Impossible

“What the hell is happening,” Charlie mumbled.

“Please don’t speak,” The doctor explained, “You are likely still weak from the procedure, and you may have some memory lapses. Allow me to explain. A few years ago, you were diagnosed with brain cancer, and we tried everything to cure you. Neither cutting it out nor radiation treatment seemed to be successful. But what if we could use donor cells to help reconstruct the damaged areas? We cut a bit deeper than we normally would and replaced very small parts with brain pieces from a recently deceased man. It sounds controversial, and it was certainly experimental, but I am happy to say it looks like you will make a full recovery, Miss Ramirez!”

“Miss?” Charlie asked, “Ramirez? No, I’m Charlie. Charlie”

“...Hendrix?” The doctor asked, “The donor? No, no it’s impossible. There wasn’t enough of the brain to...and the sections would be all wrong for that to happen. Oh, my...”

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