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Wednesday, January 10, 2024


Jason fiddled nervously as he sat for his session with his therapist. He had been going every since the Great Shift swapped him into a body with a history of mental problems. For the first month or so, things had been going fine -- but he quickly developed some concerns.

“Ihis chick had multiple personalty disorder, right?” Jason said flatly, “What if when the Great Shift happened -- and this is sort pf philosophical -- but what if multiple personalities left this body and then multiple personalities entered? I found the file on her last time; you were careless. They found multiple people, each claiming to be a different one of her personalities.

“And now I...I have memories I don’t know where they came from. I’ve called people who I don’t know and maintained conversations as if I’ve known them my whole life using a name for myself I don’t know. I’m starting to do things I don’t remember -- I don’t know how or when I shaved my head! They’re in here with me! I know it! I can -- I can log into Facebook accounts with passwords I mysteriously know somehow that all stopped posting right before the Shift. The woman who had this body before me did have a mental illness; she couldn’t tell anything was wrong. I’m not about to tell you everything is fine. I don’t have a mental illness, so I can absolutely say for sure that something is definitely wrong with me right now.”

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