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Sunday, January 7, 2024

First Semester (Part 2)

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The swap itself was surprisingly uneventful. Each student would show up to the classroom at the given time, pair up with their partner (in Josh’s case, Ms. Wen), then go off to a side room where someone from the engineering team aimed a device at the two of you where they’d zap you. It was instantaneous and painless. If the two bodies were similar, you might not even notice. However, Josh certainly noticed that he was now female and certainly older.

It wasn’t uncommon for the students to help each other adapt to their new bodies, but Ms. Wen was pretty no-nonsense. She simply handed her home address to Josh and left. He stood there somewhat dumbfounded. What was he supposed to do now? He figured he could at least pick a less stuffy outfit, so he decided to head to Ms.

It was a fairly big house now far from campus. Many of the rooms seemed empty, but finding her closet was pretty easy. As he looked through, he settled on something that looked comfortable. If he had gotten any other female body in the swap, he might’ve been excited about changing clothes, but as Ms. Wen, he just wanted to do it as quick as possible.

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