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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Back in Time (Part 1)

To Whomever Finds This Note:

I have made a truly amazing scientific breakthrough that allowed for instantaneous travel through space and time. My initial activation shot my brain hundreds of years into the future to find myself in the body of a woman living in Japan with amazing technologies at her fingertips. Unfortunately, my presence was not stable, and both my brain and new body slingshotted back to England in the late Middle Ages.

I don’t dare explain that I am from the future, my technology, or that my mind was originally a man’s now in a woman’s body. They see me as “exotic,” and attribute my use of more modern english to my “accent.” Their false assumption of my foreign-ness has allowed me to hide any errors or faux pas I might make in plain sight.

I have ensured the gadgets on her person that came with me were well hidden, but I have certainly used my knowledge of the modern world to improve the lives of the poor villagers. Some basic hygiene such as not dumping waste into the water we drink has gone a long way to improve health. Though I do seem to be stuck here with no access to the type of technology I would need to create the means to return.

1 comment:

  1. It a paradox, your hundreds of years in the past in a body which isn't your never mind gender. That part of problem if you don't do something you be part of this past/present than your time which to them is the future or your present. Are you supposed to go back into change things or start things.