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Monday, January 8, 2024

No Case

Jim always hated giving his clients this type of news, but he stood in front of them and sighed, “Quite honestly, and I hate to break it to you, but you don’t have much of a case against the university.”

“How do we not have a case? We were at the school when it happened. They’re clearly at fault here. I swapped into the body of my own student because of them! I’m a tenured professor trapped in a nineteen year old woman’s body for Christ’s sake!” Professor Howard Powell protested.

“Look, I believe you, I do,” Jim sighed again, “But the courts need evidence. Quite frankly, we can’t come up with any! There’s not even any proof that you two have even swapped bodies at all! We did brain scans on oth your bodies, and Miss Lim doesn’t have any prior scans to match up with, but Howard, you do. The scans still line with your body, not with where you say your mind is.”

“But I know I’m me,” Howard stated again from inside Grace Lim’s body, “And surely the university knows something.”

“If they do, we haven’t been able to uncover any record of it. We literally have nothing to go at them with. If I were in your position, Howard, I would enjoy my new lease on life; take as much advantage as you can being young again. And if I were you, Miss Lim, I’d say you should enjoy the financial security that comes with being a tenured professor. There’s really nothing they can do to fire you; even if you do a terrible job teaching. Enjoy your new lives, appreciate them. Maybe if your lucky; it’ll all just reverse on its own...”

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