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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Becoming a Hero (Part 1)

It all began one day when a monster started attacking the city. Matthew found himself quivering in terror, wishing he could do something and hoping a hero would come in to save the day like what he sees in the movies or reads in his comic books.

And that’s when a strange alien appeared in Matthew’s apartment. The alien made an offer. He could have real life superpowers; he could stop the monster and save the city; he could be a hero. Of course, Matthew couldn’t resist the opportunity, and he quickly agreed.

And as soon as he agreed, Matthew could feel the alien transfer power into his body, but Matthew’s body changed in other ways as well -- he became a woman! He looked at his new body in a tight pink outfit, and he began to ask a litany of questions to the alien.

“Consider it the ultimate secret identity,” The alien shrugged, “Now I’d hurry if I were you, or there might not be much city left.”

And so Matthrw rushed off for a quick battle, ultimately destroying the monster and a good portion of the city along with it. If being a superhero meant being a woman while doing it, it seemed worth it. Plus, he just had to figure out how to turn his powers off and become his normal self again; that whole “secret identity” the alien talked about, right?

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