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Saturday, January 6, 2024

New Product Now Available!

The bright pink box caught David’s eyes. The fact there was a whole aisle of the product was even more interesting. The ads claimed it could “partially reverse the effects of the Great Shift” (with an asterisk). There was even a man sitting at a small table with a display.

Confronting the man, David asked an obvious question, “What exactly does ‘partial reverse the effects of the Great Shift’ mean?”

“What’s your name, Ma’am?” The slick salesman asked.

“I’ve been going by Danielle since the Shift.”

“But that’s not actually your name, is it? What was it before the Shift? Daniel? Dennis?”

“David,” He confessed.

“Well, you see, David. I bet you’d like to be a guy again, right? Well, a few short weeks and this product will do that. Course, you gotta keep on it to stay that way.”

“So, it would turn me back into a man, but I’ll still be twenty years older than I was; I won’t suddenly change my race back either. Will I? I won’t really go back to who I was.”

“Well, we do what we can to make people feel better about themselves, even if it’s just a little bit.”

“I miss who I was, sure. But I’ve comes to terms with who I’ve become. This just feels like it would change me again. I’m sure there are people who need this, and I’m sure it will be good for them. But I’m also sure you’ve had this for a while, considering how fast it came to market. You could’ve offered it to transgender people long before the Shift; it would’ve helped them out. You chose not to do that. But now there’s a catastrophe to market from, and here your company is, trying to claim this reverses the Shift when that’s far from true. You’re just preying on the desperate...”

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