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Tuesday, January 23, 2024


The streets had gotten quiet in the hours since the Great Shift. Nearly every store was shut with the lights off, but Albert saw a dim light coming from a bar. There weren’t many people inside; he sat down and asked for a beer.

“I’m gonna need to check your ID,” The bartender said.

“If this woman had an ID, don’t you think I’d be at this woman’s home, trying to figure out things?” Albert asked.

“Don’t worry. I’m just messing with ya. In the wakeof everything that’s happened, I’m not sure checking IDs even means that much anymore.”

“How can you come to work given everything that’s happened? I mean...look at me! I’m a chick!”

“I take it you weren’t one before? Well, it seems everyone is someone else now, so you aren’t alone. Everyone except for me, at least. I’m the same ol’ Pete I always was. Kinda a shame though; being someone else might be fun. And I probably would’ve had an excuse to shut down for the night. But, eh, I own the place and live upstairs. It’s a hellauva commute, I must say.”

Albert laughed for the first time since the Shift swapped him into this body. Maybe things wouldn’t be so bad....

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