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Tuesday, January 16, 2024

The Farmhouse (Part 2)

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I slouched down and sat on the floor, still reeling from the fact that I had swapped bodies with my own mother!

Finally, my mom (now in MY body) leaned down to comfort me. “I think I can fix it,” She said, “Whoever made this strange thing likely just left it on when they disconnected the power. I just have to figure out how to power it down before reconnecting it. Then we should be able to swap back to normal.”

“Can’t we just touch the wires together like you did earlier,” I begged.

“If we do that again, we risk frying the circuits. And if the circuits fry before we swap back, then we’ll be stuck; I obviously wouldn’t be able to repair the machine if that happened.”

“Okay, fine.” I sighed, “How long should it take?”

“Probably a few days. If I’m really lucky, only a few hours. But I suspect I’ll have to drive into town for parts.”

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