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Saturday, September 26, 2015


Paul couldn’t believe it. The parts he had ordered months ago had finally arrived. They were essential for fixing his body swapping machine. Of course, he would’ve been more excited if they had arrived quickly instead of being on back order for so long. In fact, while waiting for them to arrive, he had gotten quite used to being in Natalie’s body. As he sat on the box, he wondered if he even wanted to bother trying to repair it at all. He really had no desire to switch back, and he wondered if the world really needed all the chaos a body swapping machine could cause. He thought about lying to Natalie, and not telling her that the parts arrived. He’d need somewhere to hide them, but if he stuffed them in a corner of his garage, she’d likely never even be able to guess what they were.

Friday, September 25, 2015


Zeke lived and worked on an isolated farm. He usually only ever interacted with people on the days a driver came to pick up his crops or when he went to market. Usually, he interacted with other men, and the few women he met were often farmers themselves. It was odd when the young woman arrived on his farm. She was merely lost and looking for directions, but Zeke had never seen anyone like her before. For starters, she was so feminine. It seemed like she was from the city as well. Zeke was also pretty sure he had never met anyone who was Chinese before. He was courteous as he gave her directions; she seemed just a little uncomfortable walking through the muddy grass in her heels and seeing old cars and farm equipment around. Zeke tried to put her at ease as a flash hit them both. Neither knew at the time what the Great Shift was, but they were immediately aware of its effects. Zeke found that he was now the one struggling in heels as he stood on muddy grass, seeing his own body sitting on the porch. His biggest concern was how he was going to get anything done with this body. It felt so dainty, like it could break in half simply from working the tractor.

Thursday, September 24, 2015


After downing six beers at the bar, Theo knew he was drunk, but he didn’t realize exactly how drunk he was until he went to the bathroom. Upon reaching into his pants, he struggled to find what he needed to in order to do his business. He couldn’t believe he had so much to make such a simple task so difficult. Of course, in his inebriated state, he hadn’t yet figured out the root cause of his difficult, which was that he had swapped bodies with one of the women he had hit on earlier in the night. He couldn’t find anything because there was nothing to find. After quite a long search, it finally dawned on Theo when another person came in next to him to break the news. He told himself that none of this could be real, it had to be his drunk mind playing tricks on him, but he never remembered anything like this when he had been drunk before...

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Puja felt a moment of discomfort when meeting the man who swapped into her body as a result of the Great Shift. She had quite quite as peace with the whole idea of swapping, clinging to her Hindi faith as a means of coping, telling herself the Shift was like early reincarnation. However, when she saw her former body dressed completely in leather, she wanted to throw up. Kevin didn’t see what the big deal was. He didn’t know anything about Puja’s faith; he just knew his new body looked great and wanted dress in a way that made it look even better. It never occurred to him that Puja was Hindi or that cows were sacred to her. As he walked toward her to make a casual greeting, she ran, being unable to cope with this situation. Kevin thought he understood, thinking it must be quite difficult to see one’s former body. Of course, Kevin was quite clueless as to what was really going on in Puja’s mind. He may have had her body, but that was very far from truly understanding someone.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


“Weird? What makes you think I’m doing weird things with your body? I’ve just been sitting here, minding my own business and watching some TV,” Seth told Miko, “Besides you caused this body swap with that damned medallion. We can’t swap back until you come home from my work.”

Of course, Seth had been doing all sorts of weird things with Miko’s body while she was away at his job. The latest was getting dressed up in a maids outfit and playing out a little fantasy in his mind. With a few hours left in the day, he still had plenty of other things he wanted to try out before Miko returned home with the Medallion of Zulu and swapped them back to their own bodies.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Transplanted (Part 7)

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Andre decided to try out the life of the body he was now in. He was discharged and began his life as Noelle Artus. He tried his best to adapt to living her life, but he soon decided to make several changed. The first thing he decided to do was break off her engagement; he just wasn’t ready for that. It was a little while before he had trouble with her work -- eventually leading him to quit. The only element he ended up keeping up was Noelle’s relationship with her family. There was just something about the thought of making them lose their daughter that he just couldn’t do, so he kept up appearances. But he was doing it on his terms...

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Transplanted (Part 6)

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It was a lot for Andre to take in. He wouldn’t be able to tell anyone he was still alive, not his girlfriend, not even his mom and dad. At the same time, he was going to have to embrace this woman’s life. Of course, he could cut off ties. He could break up with the fiancee she had; he could quit her job; he could shut out this woman’s family as well. Dr. Wong told Andre that they could always find him a job at the hospital; he could start a brand new life from there. As he thought about the pain his family must be feeling, he wondered if it would be fair to enact that same pain on this woman’s family. Maybe he’d try to live her life, at least for a while...