Saturday, December 21, 2019

Hours Later (Part 3)

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While most people had swapped bodies with someone else in the local area, it turned out Adam had swapped bodies with someone clear across the country. He was pretty grateful that he had gotten an offer for someplace to stay until they got planes back in the air. Borrowing the clothes of this man’s girlfriend was an awkward experience for him, as she seemed to mostly wear dresses and skirts. He would often put on an outfit in the morning and stare at himself in the mirror for a long time. Seeing the face of a woman stare back at him was still so strange to him. He figured it was probably pretty weird for the guy he was staying with too. Adam offered to help find the man’s girlfriend (she hadn’t made contact since the swap), but it was hard to imagine what else they could do but wait. Waiting seemed to be the name of the game on a lot of fronts.

Friday, December 20, 2019

Hours Later (Part 2)

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It was all still so baffling to Adam, and even though he was just a few hours behind everyone else on adjusting to a new body, he felt like they had all come to a place of acceptance so much faster. As the helpful crowd dispersed, one woman stayed behind.

“Do you live around here?” The woman asked.

“I’m not even sure where here is.” He replied.

“Well, if you need or want someplace inside to figure this all out, you’re more than welcome to stay for as long as you need. I’m sure my girlfriend won’t mind us wearing her clothes.”

“Yeah, okay,” Adam said flatly.

It was dawning on him that he was now a woman, and it was likely this woman talking to him hadn’t been a woman a few hours ago either. In fact, the idea of no one actually being who they appeared to be was really messing with his mind. It was hard to take this all in, and he was feeling like he had to do it all by himself even though he knew everyone else went through it as well...

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Hours Later (Part 1)

While most people only lost consciousness for a mere moment during the Great Shift, Adam had completely passed out for several hours. Emergency services were mostly useless in that time as streets were jammed with cars that had been driven by people surprised to suddenly find themselves behind the wheels.

Luckily, several kind people had gathered around Adam to care for him as best they could until help could arrive or he awoke. The latter happened first.

Much like they had been a few hours earlier, Adam was confused to find himself in a new body. Those around him were able to explain the Shift as best they understood at this time. No one really knew why Adam had been passed out much longer than everyone else, but it didn’t seem to have harmed him in any way.

Adam asked plenty of questions about his new body, such as who is belonged to, but no one seemed to have any answers for him in this regard.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019


As Nathan continued to flip through the pages of the book, he contemplated how completely insane it was. There were magic spells in here to control someone’s thoughts and actions, to stop or reverse time, and to change the weather. He had already picked one spell at random to cast, just to see if this book was legit. That had been a body swap spell, and seeing how he was presently inhabiting the body of Lily Chang, he was pretty sure the entire book was real. It was all still so hard to believe, yet all he could think about was which spell he was going to cast next.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Sister's Date (Part 2)

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After ordering, William sat on one side of the table while his sister’s date sat on the other. There was an uncomfortable silence for a good number of minutes. William had no idea what women talked about on dates. When he had been on dates, he mostly just talked about guy stuff like video games and comic book movies -- which never seemed to go over too well with any women he went out with.

Finally deciding to break the awkward silence, William mentioned a game he had been playing a lot lately. The date perked up. He hadn’t expected a women to be interested in video games. They discussed a lot about the latest systems and DLC.

When William finally arrived home, he explained the date actually went fairly well. There was only one catch; if William’s sister wanted to continue to date this guy, she was going to have to learn a lot about video games...

Monday, December 16, 2019

Sister's Date (Part 1)

The fact that he had swapped bodies was bad enough, but the fact that William now had to go on a date in her body seemed absolutely nightmarish. After swapping bodies, she told him about the date, and he initially refused. But she kept begging more and more, explaining that it hadn’t been easy for her to get this date. William eventually relented.

In preparation, William’s sister made sure he was dressed perfect, that his hair and makeup were perfect too. Even before leaving the house, he regretted agreeing to this.

When William arrived at the restaurant for the date, he was nervous. It wasn’t the kind of nervous he usually was for a date...more like that he would discovered for who he really was. When the guy finally came, William stood up and introduced himself. He almost said his own name instead of his sister’s! He knew things could get awkward very easily...

Sunday, December 15, 2019


It had been ten years now since Theodore made the biggest discovery of his career. With the proper electrical stimulus, it appeared to be possible for two subjects to completely transfer thoughts. Essentially, he could build a rudimentary device to hit just the right frequency and two people would be able to swap brains. The potential seemed promising, and he worked to develop it with his young research assistant, Melinda.

Both Theodore and Melinda were eager to test out the theory, so they agreed to use the device on themselves. They simply put their hands on the device and turned it on. It began to buzz and the next thing Theodore knew, he had Melinda’s body. His amazement was short lived as he saw his own 70 year old body having a seizure on the floor.

After watching his own body die (and feeling guilty about Melinda being inside it at the time), he destroyed the device and burned his notes. And each month for the past ten years, he came by where his body was buried to place flowers. All that he had accomplished and all he gained had come at such a great price that he knew he nothing could ever be enough to say sorry...