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Friday, April 5, 2024

An Experiment

“The machine has successfully swapped the two subjects’ brains,” Dr. White explained to his colleagues, “Now we will return the two volunteers to their homes. The hidden cameras in their homes and implants in their heads will transmit data to us back here in the lab that we can analyze to see how they adapt to their new bodies.”

“But isn’t the experimented tainted by the fact that they’ve volunteers who knowingly agreed to swap bodies with someone of the opposite sex?” Dr. Park asked.

“Ah-ha, but they don’t know they agreed!” Dr. White smiled, “When we swapped their brains, we were able to pluck out their thoughts and memories about agreeing to this experiment and really anything about the experiment completely. As far as either of them will be aware, they are simply waking up in a different body with no context of this, which was of course part of the agreement that they don’t remember. The memories will be returned to them once we have concluded and placed them back in their own bodies, of course, but it should be fascinating to see how the two subjects deal with being in a different body, particularly as this is our first pairing of two people of different genders. It should be quite fascinating.”

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