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Monday, April 8, 2024


It had been a normal Tuesday morning, and Elliot had been walking to the bus stop when it happened. His suit suddenly felt huge, and it was like he was tripping over his own feet. One of his shoes slipped off, and he noticed how small his foot had become. His whole body seemed smaller, and with a little more exploration he discovered he had become a woman.

He couldn’t go to work like this! He’d have to send an email to call in sick, but in order to do that, he’d need to go home in order to connect his work laptop to the company VPN. But he realized he couldn’t let his wife see him like this either! He’d have to wait until she left for the day. So he nervously waited just a few houses down before slipping back inside.

Once he did, he was finally able to see his new reflection. He still looked a lot like himself -- except smaller and more feminine -- almost like what a sister of his would’ve looked like if he had one or if he had been born a woman instead of a man. He sent the email to work, hoping this would all work itself out over the course of the next day. Then he looked for different clothes to wear. All of his were much too big for his small frame, so he had to opt for some of his wife’s wardrobe. Only things like dresses didn’t seem to pinch him, even if a dress was the last thing he wanted to wear. And after that, it was a matter of hoping and praying he’d return to normal.

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