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Friday, April 19, 2024


Desmond was worried about the fact that his experiment was presently unattended. Describing what happened when he activated was difficult. Were he not a man of science, he might say his soul or spirit was ejected from his body. Then that soul traveled some distance before attaching itself to a new form. Now Desmond found himself inside the body of a young woman. But it wasn’t being in the wrong body that made him nervous, it was his experiment. If it continued unchecked, it would likely swap more and more people. If he couldn’t get to it in time, it might even implode and swap everyone in the world.

He needed to shut it down, but there was a problem. In his current form, there was no way he would get by the personnel checkpoints. Even if he did, his lab had biometric security limiting access to only a few people. He arrived at the perimeter still without a plan. He sat by the fence trying to think. Ultimately, he knew he couldn’t just sit here all day; he had to try something. And that’s when the bright light same shooting out of the lab...

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