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Saturday, April 6, 2024


Evan couldn’t believe that he had found a legit magic book! Magic was real! Of course, the first spell he cast had also unfortunately transformed him into a small, feminine fairy, but he was sure he could undo that. After all, he had a magic book!

However, being the size of a fairy proved to be quite difficult. The book, for instance, proved far too heavy to carry anywhere, so he decided he would have to stay close. Even the front cover was massive for his small form, but it was at least possible to open and shut. And while the book contained many spells for transforming humans into magical creatures, it didn’t seem to contain a single one for changing magical creatures back into humans.

But that gave him another idea. Maybe he didn’t need the magic book at all anymore. After all, wasn’t a fairy inherently magical? Shouldn’t he have magic just sort of coursing through his veins now? He fluttered up toward a web and magically made the spider speak. Evan was excited that his fairy magic had worked. Of course, all the spider seemed to want to talk about was her web and tempting Evan to come closer. Was she trying to trap Evan and eat him? Evan was small, but he wasn’t that small! Being a fairy sure came with a lot of interesting dangers in the world.

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