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Sunday, April 28, 2024

The Bug

Alec was super hyped that his team had just finished work on their latest invention. It was essentially an attribute slider, you’d place the device on your arm and them slide up and down attributes you wished to change about yourself. While there were basic functions on the arm piece itself, you could also change more advanced things with the desktop app.

The first thing Alec did was change his gender, then make himself a little shorter, push up his cuteness, alter his race, and finally change his outfit. His body changed in a matter of seconds, and it was all 100% real. It wasn’t just an illusion, his body had actually changed.

“Ya done?” His co-worker Chong questioned, “Some of the rest of us want a chance!”

“Oh, yeah, no problem,” Alec replied, “Just let me revert the changes.”

He tried hitting reset; he tried undo; he even tried just changing the settings back one-by-one. It seemed that once something changed, it couldn’t be changed back.

“Uh, guys,” Alec addressed the room, “Everyone else can try using it, but I should probably point out that I think I found a bug...”

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