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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Good News. Bad News.

“I need some advice here,” Jonah said nervously as he entered his bosses office, “Do we have any clue how long it’s going to be until we all swap back to our own bodies? I’m nervous to walk around or touch anything because, well -- this!” He gestured to the fact that he now had Andrea’s body.

“Well, I suppose the good news is that you don’t need to walk on eggshells.” His boss replied, “Just act in Andrea’s body as you normally would in your own body.”

“Well, that’s good news because I think I really need to go to the bathroom, and I was really uncomfortable with that! I still don’t want to. Is there any chance we’ll get back to our own bodies any time soon?”

“And that’s the bad news. This wasn’t an incident just at this company or this office. We’ve checked. We also have been hearing news reports starting to come out. The body swapping event is a world wide phenomenon. It’s affecting everyone. Not just here in this office or even in this city, but it’s hitting all across the globe. That means you’ll probably have to get used to being in Andrea’s body for a while. I wouldn’t hold it in or you might give yourself a urinary tract infection.”


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