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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Elven Magic

Things had just gotten worse ever since Rick had found the magic spell book. He was certainly capable of doing magic; he just wasn’t very good at it. The first thing he managed to do was accidentally give himself large elf ears. It wasn’t his intention, but he was impressed with himself, so he showed his girlfriend.

She was convinced it was just some elaborate cosplay and told him to stop goofing off. Convinced he could prove her wrong, he tried another spell that would up turning her into a pigeon. He chased after her once she flew out the window.

On the street, he hoped the bird he found was actually his girlfriend, but another screwed up spell and he turned himself into a woman instead of his girlfriend-turned-bird. He told himself he could fix this; he tried another spell.

This time it was Rick’s mind that was glossed over. He wasn’t Rick; she was Ricci. She was a poweful elven mage; this bird was her familiar. She now knew everything she needed to know about magic, but she had no desire to return things to “normal,” as this was her normal.

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