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Sunday, April 21, 2024

In the Warehouse

I wrote a second part to this that is up exclusively on my Patreon.

Raymond was working as a night security guard in a large research lab on the outskirts of town. There were plenty of doors he was often instructed not to enter. Yet one night he heard a noise and screams for help behind one of those forbidden doors. When he entered, he saw a tank with a mermaid inside.

“Help me,” She said softly, “Free me from this tank!”

Raymond nodded, “What do I do?”

She pointed him to a machine next to the tank and gave him a series of steps, which he followed word-for-word. The final step was simply pressing a final button.

After doing so, Raymond felt quite strange. His face was now pressed up against the glass and on the other side was...himself? He looked down to see a tail. The machine had freed the mermaid by swapping their bodies! He was her and stuck inside the tank.

“Thanks for freeing me,” She said, “I’m sorry this was the only way to do so.”

As she left, Raymond flipped his tail. He couldn’t believe it; he was a mermaid...and probably subject to whatever sorts of weird experiments they were doing to in this lab.

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