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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Experiment #341-B

Taylor had entered the lab looking for her boyfriend, Walter. She wasn’t into science stuff, but she knew he was often here doing this or that. Instead she found some of his notes, and began reading.

“April 11, 2024: Subject exposed to Experiment #341-B was a success. Gender of subject has completely changed from male to female. Subject seems unaware of previous gender.

“April 12, 2024: Subject’s new mental state is highly suggestable at present time. Managed to convince subject of an entire backstory of a fabricated life and decreased intelligence.

“April 13, 2024: Subject’s mindset is solidifying. Added some additional backstory but faced some resistance. Took some added work to convince subject she and I are dating.

“April 14, 2024: Subject is resistant to advances; still holds onto former straight male mindset. Exposing Subject to Experiment #53-C to heighten feminine desires.”

Taylor was horrified as she realized she was the “Subject” in question. She wasn’t Walter’s girlfriend; she wasn’t even a she! She was a guy subject to all sorts of experiments that had transformed her into...this -- a woman with a strong libido especially attracted to Walter. But now that she knew? It changed everything...

1 comment:

  1. So how Taylor find how, that her boyfriend was a scientist, doing a experiment, when she found out that , she part of the experiment. What next Taylor isn't sure, All she knew was she a girl, but part of her isn't sure of anything, or where to go.