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Monday, April 22, 2024

Crimes (Part 2)

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After a close call where he woke up in the hospital after one of old lady’s he swapped bodies with had a heart attack, Jim decided he needed a different approach. He needed an even quicker way to grab cash and he needed to choose younger bodies, ultimately settling on robbing convenience stores with the bodies of middle aged suburban moms.

He first pick was a woman coming out of the gym. He was sure she was healthy. After stealing her body, he picked up a fake gun he left nearby. Pointing it at the clerk, he demanded all the money in the register.

The clerk stammered, “Yeah, yeah, sure. But there’s only like $50 in there. The rest is in a dropsafe in back! I...I don’t have the key to that or anything. And, and, there’s a camera right there. If I’m short $50, the police will come. But if you walk away right now, they won’t even check that video.”

“I don’t care about the video,” Jim said staring straight at the camera. But maybe the clerk was right. It wasn’t worth it; he needed a bigger score. He sighed as he tucked the gun into his yoga pants and walked away.

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