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Friday, March 22, 2024

Crimes (Part 1)

Jim never had a great life. He dropped out of school, couldn’t hold down a job, and needed cash to avoid a prison sentence for petty theft. Basically speaking, things were a mess. And it was probably at a moment of absolute darkness when Jim discovered he had a strange power. He could swap bodies with anyone he wished.

At first, he’d steal a body for a few minutes, drop the money out of their wallet some place, and return to his own body to pick up the cash a short time later. It was a slow and inefficient process; maybe people didn’t have any cash on them anyway. He realized he needed to go bigger.

So he started to steal people’s bodies to commit significant crimes. He often picked bodies that he thought looked innocent. After all, no one suspected that an old lady seemingly confused by the technology of an ATM for thirty minutes was actually hacking the machine. It ended up spitting out a lot more cash than what he had been doing with the wallets. Just to be safe, he’d swap between a few different bodies to pick up and drop off the cash before securing it with his own. If they ever checked the security, he figured the police would pick up the old lady. Even if they ever did trace it back to him, when you can swap bodies with anyone, there is always a way out.

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