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Monday, March 25, 2024

Community College

Braydon had known Swap Class was a requirement for every freshman at his ivy league school, but he had expected to switch bodies with one of his classmates. Instead, this year, the university had partnered with several community colleges in the area. As a resuly, Braydon was in complete shock when he swapped with Lucia.

But it wasn’t just that he was going to be spending the semester in her body; he was expected to live her life! He couldn’t believe his parents were spending $80,000 a year so he could live with Lucia’s mom in a one bedroom apartment, work a full time job, and attend classes at -- ugh -- community college.

It didn’t take long for him to feel completely degraded by the experience. His first paper for Swap Class was basically just complaining about how terrible Lucia’s life was. He got an ‘F’ along with several notes imploring him to explore Lucia’s culture or try to and understand her struggles instead of just complaining about them.

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