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Monday, March 11, 2024

Dentist's Office (Part 2)

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Neither Hector nor Dr. Tanaka had any idea how they ended up in each other’s bodies. They were both resolved to look for a solution to getting back to normal, but they also needed to figure out what to do in the short term.

Hector would agree to pretend to be Dr. Tanaka. But he didn’t know anything about being a dentist, so Dr. Tanaka would pretend to be a new intern in the office. She’d still do all the work of a dentist, and then Hector would simply pretend to check the work.

Hector would switch his college classes to those at night or on days when Dr. Tanaka’s office was closed. For larger lectures, Hector could just slip in the back of the room. For more intimate ones, he was going to depend on Dr. Tanaka attending for him and having her reiterate it all back to him.

It didn’t seem like a very sustainable plan, but they both figured they could do it for the next couple days. They only hoped this whole weird body swap wouldn’t last much longer than that!

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