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Tuesday, March 5, 2024


For the record, I played way too much Baldur's Gate last year, and it's totally reflected in my captions.

Gene and Jason entered the mall through a side entrance. It was almost always nearly empty these days, but every now and again, there was a reason to go. No sooner had they entered, did a strange puff of smoke exploded in front of them, and two women appeared from within. They appeared to be dressed as fantasy characters...

“Drow?” Gene asked.

“Silent, Human!” The lead drow said.

“Sister,” The second one pleaded, “I do not think these two are adequate. They are weak. They are male!”

“The fact that are so unremarkable is what makes them perfect. We will steal their bodies and go on our mission to investigate the surface undetected, so that we may solidify our invasion plans.”

The second drow sighed before speaking strange words. In the next instant, Gene and Jason were looking at their own selves, realizing they had swapped bodies with the two drow women. Jason, now in the lead drow’s body, decided to run as fast as he could. Gene, in the second drow’s body, tried to follow, but a second spell spoken by the drow now in the men’s bodies held him in place before he disappeared in a puff of smoke, presumably pulled into the underdark.

Jason ran into one of the few occupied stores where a few people actually were. He got more than a few stares based on his new body. He thought fast as a few people gathered.

“Hey, thanks for the concern,” He said, “I just ran into some crazy fans back there. I knew my cosplays were getting big on Instagram, but I guess I never realized how big, you know?”

The crowd seemed satisfied with his lie, Jason was proud of his excuse. It explained why he was running and why he looked the way he did. However, trying to come up with a plan about how to get back to normal seemed like it was going to be much, much harder.


  1. Nothing wrong with that. I like the concept of this one. I hope for a part 2.

  2. Call it accident, fate or dumb luck, now these to former guy now Drow (dark elves). They had tell a lie a white lie. But it works so now they have to pretend to be couple of cosplay player in costume, if they knew it wasn't a costume ha who. what happen.