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Saturday, March 2, 2024

Sweet Caroline

As he sat in his office, Hugh found the world blur for a second. In the next moment, he needed to grab ahold of his desk to steady himself. But he was now standing for some reason, and this wasn’t his desk. It took him just a moment to realize he was no longer in his own body, the desk belonged to his assistant, Caroline. He had swapped bodies with her somehow!

Except a shout soon came from inside his office. “Caroline,” His own voice commanded, “I need you in here a moment.” He thought they’d discuss the swap; instead, Hugh’s former body talked about an upcoming business trip that needed arrangements, arrangements Hugh would have to make, now that he was inside Caroline’s body.

If Caroline was inside his body, she seemed to be completely unaware and thought that she was really him. If she wasn’t, Hugh wondered if his mind inside of Caroline’s body was merely a copy somehow. At this point, he had more questions than answers, and all he could do was continue on, pretending to be Caroline.

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