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Friday, March 8, 2024


Ed was having one of the worst days he could remember. It started with being forced to participate in an HR activity at work. The entire office was split off into small groups, and each employee would swap bodies with someone else in their group for a period of two weeks.

It was bad enough that Ed found himself as the lone male in a group of women, but did he get to swap with Gwen? Or Katie? No, he got stuck swapping with Enid! She was probably the least attractive woman in the group, and probably in contention for the least attractive woman in the entire office. And for the next two weeks, he was going to be her!

Rain began as he left work, and the bus was late. After getting soaked for a while, he realized he had forgotten his bus pass back at the office -- inside Enid’s purse that he was forgetting he had to carry around now that he was a woman. After going back to get it, he saw the bus pull away from the stop just as he returned. He was going to have to wait for the next one -- still in the rain.

Somehow it seemed like an appropriate way to start what would surely be a miserable two weeks.

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