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Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Nursing Home

“What the hell did you do to me, you preverted old man,” Camila shouted, “You stole my body somehow! I don’t want to be old! I don’t want to be a man! I don’t want to be stuck as you in this nursing home! Give me my damn body back!”

“Gee, Mr. Gillis, I think I am going to have to talk to the doctor about having your medication increased,” Jasper lied while pretending to act concerned, “Talk of stealing bodies? That’s just dillustional.”

“No, no! I remember! I remember getting my nursing training, and I remember getting this job! I remember my first kiss with a boy! I remember! I know who I really am!”

“Seriously, look at mr, Mr. Gillis. No one would ever believe you are anything but a sad, old man. And it’s probably not best to act so aggressive towards the person in charge of your care. You’d be quite amazed at what I’m authorized to do based on the documents your children signed when they put you in here.”

Suddenly, Camila got quiet. She was realizing that Jasper had not just stolen her body, but now he was threatening her. If she ever hoped to get her body back from him, she was going to have to figure out a much more subtle approach.

1 comment:

  1. Love it. Love the threat of stronger meds that might mess with her/his memory and stuff. Hope this could continue.