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Sunday, March 17, 2024

Back in Time (Part 3)

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And while I was still aiding the king, I was under no mistaken impression about what would be considered to be my main purpose now. And thus, soon enough, I was with child. Once again, a bit of modern knowledge certainly helped. I stayed away from wine. I continued to do stretching like yoga. I refused to let anyone tell me I was too “delicate” also.

The doctors considered each of the four children I ultimately gave birth to “remarkably healthy.” Of course, I suspected a good amount of this was due to the genetic diversity that much of the royal family lacked. And despite technically now being part of the royal bloodline, they’d never be kings of queens. My princely husband had seven older brothers, each with kids of their own. But, still, I knew I’d be taken care of about as best as could be possible in this time period. I anticipated that I would die a happy woman one day...

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