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Tuesday, March 12, 2024


After a weird incident in the park involving a strange man with a body swapping raygun, Brian found himself in the body of a young Indian woman named Chanda. The police eventually apprehended the strange man and were using the raygun to swap everyone back to normal. There was only one problem for Brian, he had no idea where Chanda or his own body had run off to. Luckily, Chanda’s sister Anika offered to help him look.

The two searched in the park and into the surrounding streets with no luck. They decided to take a break for lunch and stopped by a fast food place.

Brian took a few bites of his hamburger, but soon stopped to look at with disgust, “Ugh, I think they messed up my order. This is gross.”

Anika shrugged, “Mine tastes fine. It’s probably because you have Chanda’s body. Technically beef is against our religion or whatever, so she doesn’t eat it. You’ll probably be vomitting it up in another hour or so.”

“Why wouldn’t you tell me that before I ordered it? Why didn’t you tell me before I ate it?” Brian said with a look of disgust.

“Whatever. She’s the traditionalist, not me. Obviously.” Anika gestured to her own hamburger, “Besides, you better get used to vomitting if you’re stuck in Chanda’s body.”

“ she bulimic? Am I now bulimic?”

Anika seemed apologetic, “Oh, God, sorry no! And I probably shouldn’t joke like that about eating disorders, but, well, it’s a sister a thing I joke about with her out of jealousy, you know?”

“So this hamburger isn’t going to make me vomit?”

“Oh, no, it probably will. The beef thing I was totally serious about.”

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  1. I love body swapping ray guns, hope you do more of people being randomly swapped by a crazy/evil person.