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Sunday, March 10, 2024


David looked down the hole. It was deep and ominous. A moment ago, it had just been glowing and bright. Both he and Cassidy had both figured that light had caused the body swap they just experienced. Cassidy was eager to jump down to investigate and hopefully find a solution. David wasn’t so sure.

“I’m not even sure we’d survive the fall,” He surmised as he looked down the hole.

“Then we’ll find a rope or something,” Cassidy reasoned, “But I’m sure the answer to why we swapped has to be down there...and a solution to switch us back as well.”

Everything about this called out to David as a bad idea, but what could he do? He didn’t want to be stuck in Cassidy’s body, that’s for sure! They certainly didn’t have any other leads or anything else to really go on. So David resigned to the fact that he was going to be going down a mysterious, weird hole.

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