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Thursday, March 7, 2024

First Semester (Part 4)

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Sleeping in Ms. Wen’s quiet and empty house was difficult that night. It didn’t help that he still felt very awkward in her body. He thought about the words she said to him, and he fretted about how he was expected to dress and act.

It all contributed to him oversleeping, and with Ms. Wen’s warnings about esterday about wearing something appropriate coupled with the fact that putting on women’s clothing was still awkward for him, he knew he was going to be late to class.

For most people, skipping Swap Class wasn’t a big deal -- they often just showed up to give their final presentation at the end -- but most students weren’t in the teeacher’s body. Josh was sure Ms. Wen would notice his absense. He tried to sit down without being noticed, but Ms. Wen called him out.

“Thank you for joinin us, Eunice,” Ms. Wen said to him.

“Wait...what did you just call me?” Josh said reeling at being called by Ms. Wen’s first name.

“We were discussing the meaning of self. Tell me, do you feel like a ‘Josh’ or do you feel like a ‘Eunice?’”

“To be honest, I’m not really sure.” Josh mumbled.

“Well, if you had shown up to class on time, you might actually have had a thoughtful philosophical response instead of a mumble...”

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