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Wednesday, February 7, 2024

First Semester (Part 3)

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Josh returned to campus and found some friends playing Ultimate Frisbee, and he soon joined in. With just about everyone from the freshman in someone else’s body, no one made a big deal about the fact that he was now Ms. Wen.

That is, until Ms. Wen walked by with Josh’s body.

He actually gave a friendly wave when he saw her, but she responded with a stern look before sighing and saying, “Josh, may I see you over here for a second?”

Josh walked over and asked, “What’s up?”

“Do you understand the point of Swap Class, Josh? The point is not to run around campus as you normally would. The point is to understand the world from someone else’s perspective. Now, with that in mind, do you imagine that I would be running around playing sports on campus while wearing my daughter’s clothes?”

Josh felt a little embarrassed he picked clothes out of the wrong closet. “Your daughter?”

“Don’t worry. She’s around your age and off to college herself. You won’t find yourself in any awkward family situations. But do please go back to my house and change into something you might actually expect a professor at this university would wear, and do your best to act like one as well!”

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