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Thursday, February 22, 2024

At the Shop (Part 2)

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Theo eventually found the source of the screams, a young woman in a wedding dress, who quickly explained (of course) that she wasn’t a woman.

“My name’s Aaron.” The woman explained, “With an the guy’s name. Not Erin. I need to find my body! I need to get out of here.”

“No,” Theo replied, “You need to find the outfit that woman came in here wearing. If we swapped bodies, we probably aren’t the only ones. It’s going to be chaos out there; the last thing you want to be stuck wearing as all this is figured out is some sort of uncomfortable wedding gown. This seems to be some sort of dress shop, so she was probably just trying it on or getting it fitted. She’s got to have more reasonable clothes around here somewhere.”

“I guess...I guess you are right,” Aaron replied, “Are you some sort of wise, old Asian lady here to guide me through all this?”

“I’m swapped into this body just like you’re swapped into that one. I’m not really old or Asian. Plus, that expectation seemed...well...sorta racist? Don’t you think?”

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