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Sunday, February 4, 2024

Investigation (Part 1)

“Don’t worry, Sarah, we are taking the utmost care in this case and investigating to the fullest. I am the department’s lead investigator when it comes to criminal sexual harassment. As such, I will be going into your office undercover as you for the next few days. Obviously, you will be staying at home as I conduct my investigation,” Detective Alvin Ross explained to the young woman.

“What will happen if nothing happens? What if he can tell you’re not me? It’s so weird looking at a copy of myself; is it weird for you?” Sarah seemed to have a million questions.

“If your boss is as bad as you say he is, this shouldn’t take more than a day or two. And they never know something is up...or, at least, they never figure it out until it’s too late. And, lastly, don’t worry about me. This is just my job; it’s all professional to me.”

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